George and Angie Kohlweiler wanted to retire somewhere that could adjust with their needs as they aged. When Angie was diagnosed with short-term memory retention disorder, George knew that they needed to find a place that could provide both the comforts of home and expert nursing care.

Lancaster natives since 1985, George and Angie always planned to transition to Masonic Village at Elizabethtown, but they didn’t feel quite ready for the move after George’s retirement. However, following Angie’s diagnosis, the two felt “very fortunate” for a quick admittance.

In discussion with doctors and healthcare professionals, George was advised to begin considering options for Angie, who would soon need more involved care than George could provide on his own.

After identifying Home Care as the best fit for Angie, George began the consultation process, which he was pleasantly surprised to find uncomplicated and affordable.

“Home Health Care worked with my insurance company – you talk about simple paperwork,” George joked. “It doesn’t get better than that.”

After an interview with Home Care Director Kathy Noll, Angie was registered for Home Care services and assigned a rotation of caregivers. George was impressed with the attentiveness to individual needs and specifications, not only for care, but companionship.

“They’re not just going to send someone, they’re going to tailor it specifically to your needs,” he said. “We put in exactly what we needed. We wanted a companion who was interested in playing games to keep Angie’s mind active.”

As Angie’s condition progressed, her level of care changed to accommodate her needs, including the frequency of caregiver visits. “They were fantastic about adjusting the schedule,” George said. “They make it simple, friendly and easy to handle.”

A common misconception about Home Care services is that they are only for those needing complicated, round-the-clock medical care. While that may be true in some cases, there are plenty of other scenarios in which Home Care is a great option.

George and Angie have two grandsons that play high school soccer locally, and George loves to see them play. Home Care services can provide supervision and companionship to Angie while George attends the games.

Similarly, when Angie became sick just an hour before the couple was set to attend their granddaughter’s graduation and nurse pinning ceremony, a caregiver was able to step in to stay with Angie while George attended.

“If I need something on short-notice or something happens, they’re always there,” he said. “That’s the kind of people they are. Whatever you need, they take care of – just like family.”

Between local family, the couples in his Sycamore Square townhome, and the Home Care staff, George has a network of support to help him through the process of caring for a loved one.

“I find myself extremely blessed when I talk to other people – not only to be here, but when I talk to the caregivers, I have all the support I need,” he said. “I could not thank them enough for their friendship and the service that they gave to Angie and me. It couldn’t have been any better.”

George encourages others who may be struggling with the realities of caring for a loved one to consider Home Care as an option.

“You could not ask for, not only a better run organization, but a better quality of care givers. They’re friendly, flexible and treat you like a loving family. You can’t beat that.”

About the Author: Natalie Torta, a senior at Mount St. Mary’s University, is a public relations associate at Masonic Villages.