Brenda with Gene EnckKim Enck began attending the Dementia Caregiver Support Group at Masonic Village several years ago to find some assistance with caring for her husband, Gene. In addition to sharing her experiences and gathering resources, she learned about Masonic Village Home Care and how their services could help caregivers. About a year ago, she found herself with a broken foot and knew she needed an extra hand. She reached out to Home Care.

“It all happened really fast,” Kim said. “Frank was our caregiver three times a day for a few weeks. He got my husband ready to go for the day. As soon as I was well enough to care for him, I utilized Home Care more as a break for me for four hours a week with a new caregiver, Brenda [Drennan].”

“I was impressed with the skill level and how comfortable the caregiver was with our needs. I didn’t worry about anything. They were quick to catch onto the routine we needed. They keep my husband engaged and busy. To help with his legs and mobility, a physical therapist from Masonic Village Home Health worked with the Home Care staff. The communication is great.

“As a caregiver for a loved one, you’re often late to the party as far as getting help. Once I called Masonic Village Home Care, it was just a sigh of relief. I can leave the house and know everything is taken care of. It’s good for the caregiver, and great quality care for the patient. Their staff is good at finding the right person for your loved one. When we have a scheduling need, they’re very good at adapting or changing their schedule. It’s very important in life to have support.”