Daily Living and Household Services

Assistance with routine care and support

Help with At-Home Necessities

You can rely on our team of caregivers for help with at-home necessities. Our daily living and household services can include assistance with mobility, personal grooming and care, grocery shopping, meal planning, home organization, household maintenance and more. Read below for additional details.

Woman assisting dressing

Daily Living Skills

  • Personal grooming/hygiene care
  • Assistance with walking
  • Assistance with morning and wake-up routines
  • Help with evening and bedtime preparations
  • Assistance with clothing selection and dressing
  • Assistance with pacemaker checks
  • Medication reminders
  • Organization of daily schedule, appointment arrangement and calendar maintenance
  • General care and supervision
Home Care meal preparation

Meal Preparation

  • Hosting assistance, setup and cleanup for private gatherings
  • Menu planning and preparation
  • Grocery shopping, preparing lists and clipping coupons
  • Monitoring of dietary restrictions and eating habits
  • Assistance with entertaining
  • Arrangement and recording of recipes
  • Checking food expirations and arranging food items

Household Services

  • Light housekeeping
  • Washing/drying dishes
  • Assistance with laundry, ironing and bed linen changes
  • Assistance with pet and plant care
  • Assistance with garbage removal
  • Organization and cleaning of closets, basements, etc.
  • Organization of mail
  • Pick up/delivery of dry cleaning, prescriptions, etc.
  • Taking care of plants, pets, mail and other responsibilities while away or on vacation